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  Preface to NEW WORKS


For years my drawings reflected my desire to bridge gaps, to reach others—both subjects and viewers—on a more profound level than everyday life usually allows or encourages.  Now, in old age I am wondering if I can represent and endure the many gaps that will always remain unbridgeable.

Aging awakens a need to detach, to yield to the process of becoming, as Freud put it, become “inorganic” again.This may be a way of acquiescing to that  process.

It has been difficult for me to represent the schematic, abstract, or generic image of  a human being, preferring to seek essence in an individual. I believe now that that is futile search, given the complexity and transient nature of what we are made of,  but can I touch the paper with the same tenderness and intensity while experiencing a more detached relationship to the subject?

These few new works represent my attempt to let an anonymous figure speak for Everyone. Can any of us empathize with the pain of Everyone as easily as we do with individuals we are close to?  Would the world be different if we could?  If so, would tribalism diminish?

Several collages are included.  They are influenced by my attachment to the arctic; respect for its mythology, the strength of its people and the beauty of its animals.

Preface to POETRY

Works of art strike viewers in a multitude of ways.  Some are drawn immediately to a particular  technique and some to the scale and size of an image or to its colors. Others may respond to the sheer power of an image or to the complex feelings it evokes. Often a story begins to evolve in the viewer’s mind. Others may wonder about the subject of the painting or photograph while another yearns to enter the work and see what it might be like to live there.

Ekphrasis is the word used to describe writing about art.  Homer’s description of Achilles shield is considered by many to be the original example.  The four poems are examples of the varied ways I have approached artists, hoping to invite readers into their singular worlds.

There is no such thing as art.  There are only artists.    Ernst Gombrich,  Story of Art

You can find  images for Donatello, Milton Avery, Paula Modersohn Becker, and Andrew Wyeth on Google Image.